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ENGINE is a partner of major motoring events. We support events of many kinds and styles, whether they are dynamic rallies or tasteful static exhibitions. The common goal is the joy and celebration of automotive beauty, spreading the culture around us and passing this passion on to the next generations. The result is a lot of unforgettable experiences!

We are partners of 7Castles Trial, Classic Expo, Oldtimer Express, Sosnová Classic, SpeedFestival, BCC Classic, Automobilové klenoty, Classic Drive and many others..


The Czech Republic, hidden in the heart of Europe, offers a rich history and beautiful nature. The Czech Republic has always been the center of European engineering and engineering. Important automobile and motorcycle brands such as Tatra, Škoda or Jawa were created here. Home to cultural monuments and magical landscapes, the country offers many motoring events and traditions. We at ENGINE value the legacy of our ancestors and therefore organize and support many major motoring events.

<b>Prague Carlsbad Classic</b>

Prague Carlsbad Classic

Prague Carlsbad Classic is an exceptional event not only for motorsport fans, but also for everyone who loves classic cars, likes stylish social events, gourmet experiences and likes meeting new friends.

The Prague Carslbad Classic has been organized since 2010, but the foundation stone was laid by three friends Radek Pokorný, Alessandro Pasquale and Marek Škréta already in 2009, when they came up with the idea of ​​this rally and organized the "zero" year of this race on the route Prague - Sychrov Castle. The very following year, the official PRAGUE CARLSBAD CLASSIC event is founded, which annually excites dozens of people and enthusiasts with its sporting and social level. During the period of its existence, an informal group of friends was created, who meet every year not only at this rally and become one big family.

<b>7 Castles Trial</b><br>around the beauty of Czech castles

7 Castles Trial
around the beauty of Czech castles

A traditional one-day centenary rally that has been organized since 2015. As the name suggests, the route of this event will take the participants to castles and chateaux, which serve not only as checkpoints of the race, but also as stops for meetings and refreshments. Professional roadbook, starting numbers, stopwatch in hand, roaring engines - we simply enjoy the racing atmosphere! The start and finish of the race is usually at the Engine Classic Car Gallery, where the winners are also announced. You can find news about the race on our social networks.

<b>Classic Expo</b><br>Prague Car Festival

Classic Expo
Prague Car Festival

Every year, we end the motoring season at the PVA Expo Letňany complex by participating in the Classic Expo event. It is the largest exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on tuning, motorsport, historic cars and motorcycles. On an area of ​​over 38,000 m2, visitors will meet motorsport personalities, complete racing teams, leading vehicle modifiers, talkshows, auctions and a rich accompanying program.

<b>Automobilové klenoty</b><br>Golf Club Hostivař

Automobilové klenoty
Golf Club Hostivař

The Hostivař Golf Club hosts this prestigious event, which is open to the general public and professionals. This is a static exhibition of cars of all types and brands. Veterans, racing cars and essential sports models are represented here. The event culminates with a ceremonial, moderated parade of vehicles on the red carpet, and an expert jury awards the winning cars of individual categories. Spectators are also actively involved in the whole event, as they rate the vehicles they like the most. ENGINE is a partner and we are happy to be at such a classy and professionally produced event.

<b>Sosnová Classic</b>

Sosnová Classic

A celebration of historic cars, sidecars and motorcycles at the racing circuit in Sosnová. The second year of the Sosnová Classic event will welcome historical uniques from the brands Bugatti, Maserati, Talbot Lago, Mercedes-Benz, Walter, Tatra and others. The big names starting in Sosnová will be joined this year by Oliver Solberg and his father Petter behind the wheel of Škoda racing specials. The imaginary icing on the cake is the participation of world champion Markku Alén, who is associated with the Lancia and Fiat brands. Thanks to ENGINE, this legendary racer will sit in his former Fiat 131 Abarth competition car.

<b>BCC Classic</b><br>Car Rally

BCC Classic
Car Rally

In 2023, the BCC Classic Car Rally had its premiere. This is a two-stage rally of British and non-British veterans and youngtimers. All British cars and motorcycles up to the year of manufacture 2023 were allowed to take part, as well as world brand vehicles built before 1995. With a challenging route, fun tasks and a good atmosphere, the participants enjoyed an unforgettable day. ENGINE values ​​our partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce and we look forward to future years!

<b>SPEEDFESTIVAL</b><br>Česká Lípa

Česká Lípa

In Česká Lípa, motoring is part of the city's history. Since 1971, go-kart races have been held in the streets of the city as part of the Česká Lípa Grand Prix. SPEEDFESTIVAL is a combination of exhibition, race, meeting, car show, art, culture and a great accompanying program. Here you can meet pre-war vehicles as well as state-of-the-art hypersports. ENGINE is a proud partner of this event. We keep our fingers crossed as we build on the tradition and will be happy to present here the greatest jewels from our collection.

<b>Oldtimer Express</b>

Oldtimer Express

The endurance race of Oldtimer Express veterans starts for the second year already from the building of the National Technical Museum in Prague. The crews in their historic cars headed to Athens this year. The technique was tested by hundreds of kilometers of roads, the competitors had to complete many interesting tasks, so there is no shortage of great experiences on the way. Spectators were delighted by the display of beautiful machines, and those who were lucky met the stars of the Golden Steering Wheel Awards.